The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Another week has flown by, and I’ve finished listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama and started (and almost finished) listening to Jackie Kay’s Trumpet. That was one of the set texts on the first year of my course at university, and while I focused on gender then, two years later I realise just how rich the text is. It’s about more than just gender – it’s about race, culture, life, and death. It’s about not being, and being. Sure, it’s a little uncomfortable to listen to at times, but it’s honest and it’s compelling.

Talking of honesty, I’ve had a mixture of runs this week from a couple of steady miles, a not-too-bad-for-me 5k, and a not-so-good 5k today. The kind of run when your body just kind of refuses to cooperate at all. The kind that involves almost as much walking as it does running. The kind when, as you take your post-run photo, you end up blinking the second the photo is captured. Tomorrow’s another day, though!

On what’s hopefully a more positive note, I’ve applied for a few equestrian apprenticeships. Having not ridden since early March, I want to return to it, even if it turns out now’s not my time. I actually saw a post earlier about musical halts, which I think would be brilliant. Think musical chairs, but you lose a stirrup, then another stirrup. Then the saddle. Reins. I’d probably end up on the floor, but it’d definitely benefit my position and (hopefully) teach me to stay the right side of the horse. For now, I’ll leave you with the link to a video of my riding, which I’ve been using for applications (I thought it best not to feature any of my fails, although we all have them).


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