The Strong Never Sleep

Sorry for the silence – it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

Last week I spent a week of work experience at an equestrian facility, which was incredible! Sure, it was intense at times, but I coped well considering my lack of confidence (just over the week I know I improved, though)!

I’ve now got another two weeks of work experience planned from Monday, returning to a yard I spent a week at last year, with the prospect of potentially enrolling on a level 2 work based diploma.

In the meantime, I’ve been running again, earlier than usual as I’ve started getting used to being up early to bring horses in and it gets it out of the way before it’s too hot (I say that as if 21°C isn’t too hot – it is).

In other news, I received an exciting email the other day, in response to a poem I submitted for Like Jerram’s Of Earth and Sky project based in Gloucester. Locations are yet to be confirmed, but I’m delighted to say my poem has been chosen to be part of the installation.

The poem is actually one of the ones I wrote as part of my July poetry challenge, writing a poem every day of the month (I’m guilty of reading/listening to too many books/audiobooks and not writing enough). I didn’t share that particular poem on Twitter as I have done with the others as I didn’t want to jeopardize any possibility of it being selected, but you should be able to view it on the exhibition website (see link above) in due course.


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