Friend in the Forest

Yes, I’m naming this post after my poem that featured in Luke Jerram’s Of Earth and Sky project in Gloucester.

Why? Because on my days off I like to take myself up to the forest for walks (or runs if I’m feeling up to it like last week). Last week’s run saw me complete the 5k route in 30:12. I’m not sure I’ll be running the 5k Challenge+ route anytime soon though, given how muddy and slippery – and hilly – I’ve seen it is. The route I walked today joins the 5k Challenge+ route half way round, sticking with it until almost the end.

I’ve also changed to the non-ridden pathway for the apprenticeship, although I’ll still be improving my riding (hopefully) joining in the student lessons, but we decided it’s less pressure on me if I’m not assessed in my riding (I get flustered enough without being assessed).

This week’s lessons focused on control and maintaining the same distance between everyone, and then in our second lesson of the week we worked on walk-canter transitions, which I got rather flustered about when Jacob kept trying to rush off in trot rather than walk, but we managed a few on each rein. I think the key for me is to learn that the bubbliness is actually easier to control than trying to hold it, it’s just getting me past that ‘OMG it feels too powerful!’ stage.


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