Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, not literally. At least, not like Alice. Although given that I thought the moonrise was the sunset the other day…

After Tuesday’s lesson, it was suggested that I try putting my stirrups down a hole, which I did today. Sure, we were still chasing a bit, but with longer stirrups I don’t think I was tipping forward quite so much. Next step – strengthen my lower legs (especially my lower left leg) so they don’t slide when I canter and maybe then we can try going down another hole (of the daydream variety this time 😉)!

Yesterday I headed up to Dartmoor for a bit of an explore (more – or should I say moor – exploring needed) and saw a herd of ponies! It was great for my driving too, involving single track country lanes, A roads, and just about everything in between.

Self-care Saturday has involved a run, bike ride, watching The Railway Children, listening to my latest audiobook (The Flatshare), and applying my self-care Saturday face mask.

Was pleased with a sub-30 5k (supposedly 5k) although my hands were so cold after my bike ride that it hurt under my thumbnails and I felt a little ill (whoops)…

Of course I piled the calories straight back on by eating too much chocolate cake… 🎂